Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are your prices?

Our equipment rental prices are displayed within this site. If you wish to obtain a price for a mobile disco the quote you will receive is based on three main factors:

  1. Location of event, the distance we will have to travel, a small surcharge is in place for events outside of the North West of England.
  2. Size of event/Number of people, we will need more equipment, planning and man power to organise a large event.
  3. Playing time, will it be an evening disco, inclusive of wedding breakfast or all day & night?


Q2. Who is your typical customer?

Djs4weddings serve the client who wants a high quality event, with music tailored to their particular tastes. They often have quite specific musical tastes and do not wish to receive the "bog standard" mobile disco that many other vendors provide. The client is usually organising an event such as a: Wedding/Civil Partnership/Engagement/Christening/Birthday/ Student Ball/Corporate Event/Presentation/Award Ceremony/Christmas /New Year Show.

Q3. Will you just play the same cheesey songs such as Abba and The Village People that every mobile disco plays?

It is your event so we will play the music that you and your guests wish to hear. (See the free demo cd page to get an idea of the styles of music we can play.) As part of our booking pack we encourage you to complete a detailed music playlist prior to the event and we guarantee to source and play every track listed. Your Dj will also carry a huge back catalogue of music and take any requests you or your guests may have on the night. If music is not your strongpoint and you are unsure of the types of music you would like to hear and would like a "mixed bag" of music, for all ages to keep people dancing, this is not a problem. All we ask is that you give us a rough guideline of the types of music you would like to hear.

Q4. Can we use your screens to project home videos or photo album collections?

We can project almost anything you like on the screen providing that it is provided in a digital format..movies, photos, slideshows etc.. See the 'Projector and Screen Rentals' page for some ideas!

Q5. Is your sound and lighting equipment any good? What does it look like? How much space does it take up and how long does it take to set up?

Djs4weddings take pride in our rig and only use quality sound and lighting systems, this website contains some images of our constantly evolving set up and kit list as well as some demo videos of different lighting rigs. (See hire page for a comprehensive list, images & videos.) We would be delighted to send you a free full colour brochure which also contains a selection of images so you can get an idea of how our set up will look in your chosen venue. We can tailor the size of the rig to your venue but typically we require a minimum of 2mx2m to set up in and generally speaking we can have the equipment in place and music on within 45 minutes of arrival.

Q6. How can I confirm a booking?

We will send a booking form and contract out to you, read through, fill in and pay a 30% booking deposit via cheque or credit card and we will send you a receipt and contract copy.

Q7. How do I know we won't be let down on the night?

Djs4weddings use contracts signed by both parties to ensure you are never let down. Cover djs are always on standby in case of emergency. Back up equipment is also in place in case of equipment failure.

Q8. Do you play the music very loud all night?

We are very aware that many of the events we are booked for are social functions where people wish to chat with friends old and new, as well as to dance and have a good time. This is very difficult to do if the DJ is forcing you to shout all night because the music is too loud. Throughout the event we pay special attention to the volume levels to ensure the music is loud enough to dance to, but not so loud that guests are not able to have a conversation. (If you want very loud music all night we can cater to this requirement also!)

Q9. Some of my guests suffer from asthma or have epilepsy, do you use smoke machines or strobe lighting?

We have found that smoke machines and strobe lighting are normally more trouble than they are worth and often not permitted by the venue so we do not use them as standard. If you would specifically like us to use this equipment just ask!

Q10. What will you wear at our event?

Our standard dress code is either smart casual (Black shirt, trousers and shoes) or black tie, if you have a preference just ask!

Q11. The venue that I have booked have mentioned to me that the dj I have booked must have something called PLI and carry PAT certificates, do you know what they are and have you got them!?

Yes, all of our equipment is under one year old and is Portable Appliance Tested where necessary and all djs have Public Liability Insurance.

Q12. Will you keep talking on the microphone over the music all night?

No, for most functions we will use the microphone sparingly and much prefer to let the music do the talking. If you require a "Personality DJ" please specify.

Q13. We are provisionally interested but want to explore other options and listen to your demo cds before we send a deposit and commit. How long can you hold our date?

We are happy to hold any up coming dates for this year for one week from the day you receive our booking pack. Please contact us once you have made a booking decision.

Q14. We would like to confirm the booking and have completed the booking form but are unsure about music. Do we have to email the play list with our favorite tracks straight away?

No, please take your time over the musical choices! As long as we have your tracklist 3 weeks prior to the event this will give us plenty of time to source all of your favorites.

Q15. We have found another company who are offering quality Djs at a lower price-can you match their quote?

We will endeavour to match any competitor quote! Please call with the details and we will do our best to match them.

Q16. Do you have any recent clients who can give you a reference?

We receive positive feedback about our service on a weekly basis and always collect the client's email address and telephone number. We will happily pass on the contact details of recent clients for a reference and would appreciate a reference from you after we have performed at your event!